16 April 2009

Easter Bilbies and Diving Easter Bunnies. That is Queensland!

Even though Easter is already over, I want to share with you what I came across when checking out Easter traditions in Queensland, Australia.
As you all might know, there are numerous animals in Australia that are found nowhere else on this planet. One of them is the Bilby. Bilbies are desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores. What?! - It means they live in the desert, have a pouch like kangaroos in which they carry their babies and eat about everything they can find.

As rabbits have been a problem in Australia since the early 20th century and the Bilby is an endagered species, the Easter Bilby is slowly displacing the Easter Bunny in Australia. Why not? It definitely looks cute, is an Australian native and needs more protection in order to thrive than the rabbits do.
Some Easter Bunnies are still left though. This one went underwater to make sure the divers get their egg hunt as well.

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