06 April 2009

My first dive into the blogosphere

This blog essentially is about my wondrous journey to Hamilton Island and this is how it started:

While it was snowing outside my window I saw this article online about the "Best Job in the World". The beautiful picture of the Great Barrier Reef drew me in right away and I went to check out the website: islandreefjob.com.

I saw even more breath-taking pictures there. Reading about this job offer, its tasks and crazy salary I figured it would be pointless to apply, because EVERYONE will. Although I had some ideas for the video from the start, the whole idea lingered for a week - so I finally gave in: I made the video to regain my peace of mind.

Then one morning in March I got a call. A radio station wanted to interview me:

"Why me?", I asked.

"Because you are one of the 50 candidates for the Best Job in the World!", was the reply.

I seriously could not believe it. And what a crazy day followed! Interviews with newspapers and radio stations and a TV channel. Everybody wanted to talk to me at once while I had to throw all my stuff in my closet to be able to welcome a TV crew in my home!

Since that day in March there have been a lot more interviews, live shows at radio stations, and emails to everybody I know whip them into voting for me and to make sure everybody they know was doing the same. I was invited to a popular German Late Night Show, where the host often shreds his guests to pieces but I survived!

Now, that I have made it to the final round, I am one of only 16 candidates still in the race for the Best Job in the World and last but not least I know without a doubt that I will really travel to this beautiful place, the pictures of which brightened a cold winter day for me: The Great Barrier Reef and its island world in Queensland!

This is my first blog, you guys! I never thought it would be of any interest for anybody to read a blog of mine. But maybe now is the time - anyways, bear with me - I do have to practice!

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