11 April 2009

On a media learning curve

The past 5 weeks have been busy with interviews for radio stations, newspapers, magazines and even some TV appearances. This kind of media attention is a new experience for me.

Initially I got a little caught up in it and stressed out by it, but it all became easier and more fun when I started taking one interview, one question at a time and focusing on the moment. By staying in the moment and organized at all times, I didn't have to be thinking of everything simultaneously and could stay more relaxed, easy-going and spontaneous instead.

Also, I realized it is important to ask journalists for the whole article for authorization, not just your quotes, in order to prevent being cited out of context in an unintended way.

This is what I learned so far.

I am very grateful for the support and interest I am receiving and I am learning every day on this journey. Let's see what tomorrow will bring on my path to the Best Job in the World on Hamilton Island by the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia!

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