11 May 2009

The Outback of Queensland I

Tourism Queensland was so nice to spoil every unsuccessful candidate with an extended itinerary. James and me were lucky to get the trip to the Outback of Queensland. The desert and red rocks are just as much a trademark of Queensland as are its sunny beaches.

We took a plane from Brisbane to Mount Isa and Matt from the „Outback“ department of Tourism Queensland picked us up. Mount Isa is a down-to-earth mining town in North Western Queensland. It was quite a difference from the Whitsunday Islands. Instead of ordering prawns at a resort, we were now stuck in a snack bar ordering a sandwich. We had our meal at the nearby lake called Moondarra. As we looked out at the water, the red rocks, the diversely shaped termite mounds and the kites floating through the sky, we just smiled at each other. We listened and both heard the very same thing: Silence. That was just what we needed.

Westwings Charterflights took us from Mount Isa to Adel's Grove. As soon as we were 8000 feet high I realized the never ending vastness, this borderless outback that offers its horizon to you no matter which direction you look. I really started falling for this place. Thank God our pilot Sally didn't and we arrived safe and sound at Adel's Grove.

Lawn Hill Creek runs along Adel's Grove and right away we went there to cool off a little. As you can see we had some good times there. Nothing better on a hot day than diving into fresh water and having a cold beer.

The evening ended with some excitement. Our host and guide Rod found a little baby python and I hit it off with her right away. We cuddled for quite some time. James was a little uncomfortable about that. But considering that he is scared of snakes he was doing pretty well, I'd say!

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