14 May 2009

Outback Queensland III: Boodjamulla

Boodjamulla is the Aboriginal name for the Lawn Hill National Park located just a couple of kilometres from Adel's Grove. Having seen the sandstone rocks the day before, we were eager to experience what was hidden behind them. The canoe seemed the best way to travel! For me it was the first time that I was sitting and paddling in a canoe, consequently James stored his camera gear in a waterproof canister. The scenery was beautiful, you really do have the best view from the canoe: calm waters, blue sky and 60 metres red sandstone walls rising up in front of you. I had to pause to take in the scenery, which made it a little tougher on James. Sorry mate!

Rod, our host and tour guide, made us aware of some Aboriginal rock art. We also saw all kinds of birds, lizards and fish, but the animal that excited me the most was a wallaroo with her little one, who was observing us curiously and let us come pretty close to the edge with our canoes. Matt and Rod were a little ahead of us and claimed to have seen the tail of a crocodile disappear into the water. Too bad we didn't, but maybe that is what kept us at ease when we took a swim in the river later on.

Then we arrived at Lawn Hill's Indarri Falls, crystal clear waterfalls dividing the Upper Gorge from the lower. An oasis surrounded by palm trees! We got out of our canoes to carry them over to the Upper Gorge, but not without taking a break. Which is, as I mentioned earlier, a typical custom in the Outback. We took a hike up the red sandrocks to get a bird's eye view. A painting in lush green, blue and red colors was unfolding in front of our eyes! The best part was when we took a dive into the fresh waters and every one of us got a personal back massage by the Indarri Falls!

In the evening Rod surprised us with a scenic flight over the national park and the highlights of the day. The perfect way to end our stay at Adel's Grove! The next day it was time to say 'Goodbye'. And it really wasn't easy! The place and especially the people had grown on me. I will never forget my time there and am so thankful to the people that made it so special!
Thank you Adel's Grove, Michelle and Rod!

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